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Few events in our lives give us the opportunity to encounter personal growth and appreciate the meaning of life like the birth of a child.

It is a time of momentous change and excitement and it’s also completely natural for a plethora of questions and anxieties to arise. At Mandalia Birth, our sole focus is to support you in the best possible way to prepare you for the birth of your wishes.

We wish to open up a space where the contemplation of every aspect surrounding the theme of birth can be freely considered to ensure peace of heart and mind on your journey to becoming a parent or opening up to other possibilities. Our program offers something for everyone wishing to physically, mentally and spiritually prepare to their fullest for this incredible blessing of life.

Our work not only focuses on mothers but ALL women. Indeed there is a palpable uprising of women happening all over the world. Not only concerning the themes of fertility, pregnancy, birth and parenthood but most significantly about what it means to be a woman with our gift of intuition, with a voice, with the desire to heal "his"story.

Together we are able to heal our wounds, our pasts, our lack of bonding and to create a new beginning for our children, children's children and the following generations. We are passionate about supporting all women's rights for positive change.

In love and gratitude for our work, our clients and our teachers,

Sarah-Jane St.Clair and Tanja-Juana Wenzel


"Peace on earth begins with birth."
Jeannine Parvati Baker