What does the Mandalia system mean? We are all unique and at the same time integrated into systems - our body as a system, our family, the universe and the earth we live on. A huge network that has stored all information since the beginning of humanity and beyond.

Mandalia and the Mandalia system have emerged from the principle of this bond! A reconnection with our body, the earth, our spirit / mind and our "higher self".

When these four realms can be perceived and balanced in our lives, we bring ourselves into a state of physical and mental health and can thus lead a life in abundance, for the benefit of all and in harmony with a sustainable world.

Everyone has experienced this condition before, in which we felt connected and at one with each other on all levels. Many think of childhood situations, nature experiences, the birth of a child ... We have the opportunity to do something actively so that we can always bring ourselves into that balance - it is the intended state of mind for our souls who want to have the experience here on earth. The Mandalia system was developed for this purpose.


Our physical body

Our body holds us together; it enables us to move, to hear, to smell, to taste. Our body is our temple, our home. It can develop and heal diseases and is a miracle without words, it can witness and receive new life and through this huge network of nerves, we can perceive and perceive everything that happens around us. Important aspects to keep this physical body healthy are exercise, nutrition, the dissolution of traumatic experiences that are stored in the body cells - on a physical and psychological level - and a dissolution of beliefs and patterns from childhood and family structures. Equally important is the work in the collective, because here too, we carry all the information within us, since here we are also part of a system.


Our mind, the psychic body

Our mind is our creative mind, which has brought incredible progress, creativity and development to the world, giving us the opportunity to view things in a multi-dimensional way and to be able to actively act and shape them in our lives. This mind can and should be fed with valuable knowledge and lifelong learning, so that we can evolve constantly and understand and act upon contexts of worldly and non-worldly concepts. At the same time, this creative mind is capable of following the bodily functions, e.g. of the limbic system, to misalign us with all kinds of fears all the way to mental, "spiritual" illnesses. These fears and illnesses are increasing dramatically and are a clear sign that we should be dealing with what is required for a healthy mind. Research and knowledge is wholesome for this part of our self, the mind and the brain. We should carefully choose what we "absorb" and what "information" that comes in daily to us is not helpful or that we do not want to absorb. It is important to understand how brain functions work and how we can transform learned patterns from the past. It is also important to understand the power of the language we use on a daily basis, which can hypnotize our cells. When we are able to experience the mind, our psyche, or whatever it may be called and why it has been given to us, we can tap into our utmost potential.


Our "higher self"

There are many names for this space of mental awareness. Terms often distract from what it's all about, so it's important that everyone finds a name for themselves or a sense of what the space might be to them personally. It lies within each of us, whether in consciousness or in the preconscious mind, it accompanies us - our soul - through the worlds and, when the time comes, back home. It is a space where we can connect with our essence. Starting from this room, we have the opportunity to connect with everything. It is the space of the healers, the psychics and listeners, the media, this room is there for everyone, it is not reserved for a "chosen one".

The earth is in a challenging time, we all need to become aware of this space, to act out of it and to recognize the most important thing for us in it. It is also the space of love, the love of God - whatever God may be for everyone, for some, God is love, for others it is a religion. Here, too, we can open ourselves to the diversity of people.

The Age of Aquarius is the bridge to this consciousness, and here, too, people's desire to recall and partially retrieve this state of oneness is apparent. Sometimes it seems that some people find it difficult, if not impossible, to become aware of this "oneness", the veil between the worlds does not seem to want to air. However, when we work on ourselves and our connection, it has an immediate impact on that veil, and so, with the higher consciousness, we are always working on collective "progress."

There are countless ways to get to know the space of the "higher self." Each person is born with different imprints that make it easier for him to learn some techniques. This has to do with our family systems, with past lives and many, many other constellations that would go beyond the scope here.

The fact is: Everyone can learn every technique, but some fall easier than others, sometimes they just have to be "remembered". Throughout our lives, we collect pieces of the puzzle that still bring us a little closer to our purpose in life - the wonderful methods can be seen as a vehicle there. At the same time, the other three areas mentioned are very important on the way to the higher self. Especially when challenges occur in this area, there is always an imbalance in another area, often in the earth.

Humanity has always dealt with this area, the "mystery", the unknown space. Thanks to quantum physics, we have got beautiful insights and "proof" of other dimensions. When you look at it, you quickly realize how challenging it is for our minds to "grasp" that knowledge. However, the more we "feel" and exercise our cognitive mind, the greater our consciousness will become. Lifelong training in both areas will bring us peace, new insights, and the greatest possible experiences for which we are here on earth, we will experience miracles and heal ourselves and others.


The earth

Our home, the earth is in close contact with us. It is, as profound ecologist Joanna Macy describes, our "extended body". There are also numerous concepts and theories about the earth. The fact is that we as human beings are integrated into the system of the earth and thus are also connected to it. Every day we eat and drink what she puts at our disposal, and so we absorb a great deal of information - and at the same time we are also in a position to actively associate with her.

She is our greatest teacher and has everything ready for us, what we need and what we need to know. Contact with nature is of paramount importance to the other three levels mentioned above. In the Western world, we have forgotten how to take active contact with the earth / nature. It is all the more important to remember that we are dependent on this relationship. If we aren’t well, the earth isn’t well; Let's love her (actively) like one of our family members, we heal ourselves.


"We believe in people and their abilities; we believe that everything can heal when the room is opened for it. We have confidence and courage to bring new, sustainable concepts to the world. We believe that concepts are not everything. We believe that the "now" is always the right time and we believe that everyone can shape the "now". We believe that awareness of knowledge is activated, and we believe that knowledge does not create consciousness for a long time. We know that we do not know everything - and we know that we know enough to be part of a change. We believe that there is the possibility of a peaceful world, and we believe that peace begins in our own hearts. We believe that the time of going it alone is over and that people need to get together to start the new tomorrow together. We believe that every child born will bring new potential for a sustainable world. We believe that one person can change the whole world. "