Fear of birth

A baby is on the way: Congratulations! An exciting time is coming.

During this special time, in which we are very sensitive to external (and internal) influences, many women and men, and also mothers whose daughters are pregnant, are often faced with the questions:

How will the big day go?

Will I be able to cope with it?

How can I deal with pain?

Will my partner "get through" it well?

Will the baby and I be ok?

What if a caesarian section becomes necessary?

... the list is endless ...

In today's world, we are accustomed to making everything planable and, in general, on the safe side. The birth is probably one of the first experiences in life in which we have to completely let go and trust, a challenging task here in the western world!

A portion of respect for the uncertainty is probably very understandable when we assume that this event will be among, if not, THE greatest and most beautiful events in life! Fear and panic are however also described and these fears can have many origins and take shape differently in each individual. One thing is for sure:

Every woman should have the opportunity to be able to go through birth fearlessly, powerfully and with confidence!

The reasons for birth anxiety can be highly varied and a whole array of these can be found, if you go looking for them, through reports and rumours in digital media. In particular, reports from your own surroundings can have a massive impact. Who doesn’t know of all the stories that you suddenly get to hear as a pregnant woman ... and they can act like hypnosis. We are never more receptive to words than during the state of pregnancy, which is just as much a curse, as it is blessing.

At the same time, relaxed and resolved feelings, contribute to an easier birth, since the interplay between muscles and emotions plays an important role in pain.

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A mother's anxiety may be particularly serious, if you have already had a negative birth experience or have experienced abuse. Here it is very helpful to become aware of the interrelationships and to be able to experience healing in a safe place.

Also important to note is, that one's own birth experience is stored in the body and soul, as a mostly unconscious experience in the cells. This experience can produce a so-called "preconscious" fear. In most cases, here a diffuse fear occurs without knowing exactly what of.  It may even be from the birth of ancestors passed over several generations.

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To solve the causes of birth anxiety, to find trust in the natural functions of the body and to find and strengthen one's own inherent power as a mother, is the most important component for a safe and miraculous birth for mother, child and family. Likewise, it is a wonderful opportunity to resolve fears at this time.

At this special time, the soul and body present us with emotions which can be understood as a message to heal spiritual wounds so that they will not be passed on to our children, rather we may say good-bye to them, in dignity and appreciation.

Mandalia Birth offers various methods to give you and your family the space you need and together we will find out what is best for you. Call us or send us an email, we look forward to seeing you.

"Birth is not only about making babies, it's about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." - Barbara Katz Rothmans