Preparing for birth

In 2017, over 148 000 000 little people were born into this world!

Preparing for a birth is probably the most beautiful and challenging thing you can do in life. There are a variety of different approaches: Perhaps your planning has been limited to gathering baby equipment and you’ve not thought a lot about how the birth could actually look? Or you are the type who has planned everything down to the smallest detail and is now full of hope that everything will happen exactly the same way? Or you move somewhere between?

Perhaps you are playing with the idea of ​​attending a birth preparation course. Most likely you have heard of one or another birth story (voluntarily or often involuntarily), possibly watching videos of births. Again, the offer of birth reports through the most diverse channels, has never been greater. This is greatly enriching and, at the same time, this vast array of information can cause anxieties for many women and even men.

Prenatal and maternal medicine has never been better than it is today!

It is possible to bring babies into the world via caesarean section in 3 minutes and thus to ensure the life of mother and child. In 3D ultrasounds you have the possibility to see the baby from the apex to the tiniest toe - after only a few weeks of pregnancy.

Blood tests provide information on whether the mother’s physical „home“ is optimally equipped for the baby and to what extent hormones or vitamins are needed. In an incubator, babies who are born in the twentieth week have a good chance to grow without damage.

However, with all of the technology and medicine, there is a risk that we will lose our natural strength, that we could put pregnancy and childbirth in the hands of others, and that we will not make optimal use of our intuition and the natural knowledge of our bodies, that has been supporting life creation for millennia. That birth becomes an exceptional state, in which one feels sick rather than healthy, in which one is always concerned, means that something is not in order. We allow statements from test results and studies to become our only truth - for fear and uncertainty.

In our eyes, a birth is a journey: from a woman to a mother.

From a couple to becoming a family, children become siblings and mothers and fathers become grandparents. It is an initiation; the birth of a child changes us, forever.

We can imagine pregnancy as a transition: a birth canal, which in the end, not only produces the baby, but also gives birth to ourselves, in our new role. All primitive people also see it as a spiritual growth that can be consciously navigated. We can use the power of change that we carry within us as a woman during pregnancy, in order to heal the past and to let go of things that no longer serve us, so we can start a new chapter free from old patterns. We do not place burdens on our children, but allow them to start freely in life.

The experience that the new soul makes during pregnancy is of great importance for her/his whole life!

How we are born is not to be dismissed , but rather shapes our personality and our health.

From the perspective of Kundalini Yoga after Yogi Bhanjan, a woman is never in her life, so deeply connected to heaven and earth, as she is during pregnancy. Most pregnant women will certainly confirm that the emotional life during this time has significant ups and downs - heaven and earth describe these conditions very well.

At best, we go well prepared into the greatest physical and emotional experience of our lives, right? Ultimately though, we tend to prepare better for far less important things..

Imagine pregnancy as a trip to Mount Everest, you might imagine that ideal preparation will bring the greatest success: a secure birth following your own wishes, with the best possible support, health and well-being for mother and child.

From a spiritual, as well as from a scientific point of view, optimal conditions are of great value in order to pave the way for a new generation in peace, from the very beginning. If love and peace are the first perception that we are allowed to make as the smallest human being, the likelihood of bearing and transmitting these feelings grows.

On the subject of birth, we are always faced with questions such as ...

How can I prepare myself for the birth?

How can I prepare myself for birth as a man?

How can I prepare my husband for birth?

How do I know what I need during my birth?

Will I endure the pain?

How do I deal with my fears?

Let is be your guide on your side.

Why should we not make this very first contact, which originates in the mother's womb and even earlier, unique and beautiful? We are thrilled to have you here and to support you with all our heart.

"I believe it's time for women to connect to their intuition and demand more respect. It's time to shake things up, to ask questions, to find answers."
- Debra Pascali-Bonaro