With hypnosis, a changed state of consciousness is achieved, which is also visible in an EEG. This condition is called a trance. Visions, solutions and strengths that we rarely or never have access to in everyday life can thus be discovered and released.

Hypnosis is not sleep, as is often assumed. The condition is relaxed and pleasant. The sense of time and space vanishes, but you always have the opportunity to speak or stop the trance.

In a trance it is possible for example to completely eliminate the sensation of pain and to clearly remember experiences from early childhood. We can travel to long-forgotten times or experience a goal in the future.

Trance states work directly on our body system. Healing processes such as new cell formation and direct calming of the nervous system are stimulated. Since 2006, hypnotherapy has been officially recognized as a science-based method.

Everything is possible in this state of trance, the journey with the unconscious is limitless.

All desires and topics can be woven into the trance and thus represent a powerful and resource-oriented form of work with body and mind.

We look forward to meeting you.



General Topics

  • Physical pain & discomfort
  • Sleep disorders
  • Addictions; Food, alcohol, medication ...
  • Food cravings
  • Fears
  • Blockages
  • Illuminate "blind" spots
  • Internal conflicts
  • Beliefs



  • Preparing for childbirth; Pain sensation, fears and uncertainties
  • Morning sickness
  • Bring the child and mother to the ideal birth position


Desire for Children

  • Stimulation of the eggs in IVF
  • Accompanying the IVF treatment; Fatigue, nausea, pain, mental stress
  • Resource activation in the "waiting loop"; Actively support the body and psyche
  • "Prepare" the body for ICSI, cryos
  • Relaxation during hormone treatment and after transfer
  • Strengthen stability, courage and confidence during the fertility treatment
  • Psychological stress; Fears, sadness, disappointment, shame






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  Contact Process

Contact Process

1. That's how it starts!

You feel addressed and would like to learn more or make an appointment.

We already know each other?!

Then you do not have to read further and you can contact us directly.

2. Contact Admission

Please write us an email with your request or call us directly.

3. Initial conversation

In a max. 20-minute telephone preliminary discussion, we clarify your questions, wishes and goals.

4. We match

We make an appointment or we recommend one of our offers, e.g. Seminars and courses.


Should we feel that someone else can help you better, we’re happy to refer you to colleagues from our network.

5. You come to us

You can find us in Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg, on Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 25. In some cases we also make home visits.

6. Your appointment

We know your wishes and goals and can support you optimally in your appointment and discover together, which approach suits you best.

7. The way to the goal

You feel supported and have taken a step forward. From here we can see what will help you in the long term.

8. Payment

Payment is by invoice. You can find our prices here.

Registration and cancellation conditions
We reserve the right to cancel workshops, events or seminars for the following reasons: cancellation of the trainer (eg. illness), too few participants, act of nature (eg. fire). In this case, you will be informed promptly and your possibly already paid course fee will be fully refunded.

The withdrawal from a binding registration (online form) must be notified in writing. Free cancellation is possible up to 28 days before the start of the event. The possibly already paid amount of the training fee will be refunded. In the event of a later withdrawal, 50% of the course fee will be due, unless you have a substitute or another person from the waiting list can move up. From the time of the beginning of each course, the entire course fee will be due. With the confirmation of your registration and the acceptance of the terms and conditions your registration is binding. Here you will find our terms and conditions.