We are thrilled to share with you our passion for strong, happy and peaceful family relationships.

Many parents will acknowledge that educating one or more children can be one of the most challenging tasks, and at the same time it is the most important task in the world today. What do our children need as individuals? What kind of values ​​do we want to instill in them? How can we strengthen them for life, give them a strong foundation, and always have wings at the right time, and what do we need as parents for this task? The generations before us often experienced growing up very differently and our own childhood was often different again. How can we recognize patterns and break through patterns so that we no longer have to transfer them to our children and these, in turn, to their children? How can we make things so different from what we may have learned? It can be of great value to think carefully about how you want to live as a mother and father.

From our own experience as parents and through our work, we know how important exchange and support is. Despite the incredible technical advances and despite all the knowledge available to us, our lives are not getting any easier. We often miss the balance, the calm, the resources to see clearly and to recharge our batteries. However, this is the basis for our children. If we are well, our children are fine too - that is simply stated and yet a big task. The responsibility is in our hands to create a space for us and our children to find their own place in the world so that we can feel valued, loved and seen.

Mandalia Birth supports you with seminars, workshops, coaching and information about becoming a parenting and parenthood. It is our heartfelt wish to stimulate exchange among parents and thus to inspire and strengthen each other.

We are glad that you have found us and are looking forward to meet you.

Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on the earth, as what they believe is what they will become.     - Brooke Hampton