First weeks with baby

Have you just become a mother or a father? We congratulate you! Perhaps this journey is still ahead of you, and you're wondering what to expect.

With the birth begins a whole new calculation of times, The first weeks with a newborn initiate a whole new chapter in our lives. The birth has been mastered, the baby is there and the world is suddenly a very different one. We have often read a lot about the time of pregnancy and birth and tried to prepare ourselves somehow for the time"after" and yet, what we experience during and after birth can be barely articulated. The first few weeks are experienced very differently, and yet everyone feels like they've gone through something huge. Many people describe the feeling of carrying their whole heart in their arms.

In the first few weeks, the magic of a new life is real, the look of a newborn is so profound and wise, as if sent from far away, to tell us a story. Nobody can escape this spell.

"Looking into the eyes of a newborn is like seeing God, that is the reason why everyone wants to be near him - they want to feel the presence of God." – Gurmukh

And at the same time, the first weeks can also bring about a saturation of contrasting feelings. Your baby lived inside you for ten months, as a mother you are his/her home, he/she knows your voice, your movements. Out of hundreds of mothers, he/she would be able to "smell you out " and feel you, as you are his/her universe. Over time, he/she will get more and more accustomed to his "home outside," but in the first phase he/she is still tied to you. This demands an incredible amount from you and sometimes you may feel overwhelmed.

Your family system needs to be rediscovered. There hardly remains time for yourself, siblings or partner, let alone for friends or your "earlier" life out there. It takes time and rest to "enjoy" this sensitive phase (which will never return again). In the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and the Sikh religion there is the 40 day festival: You spend 40 days exclusively with your closest family, to get to know, to bond and to give the little soul the opportunity to arrive in peace and quiet. For some, this may seem unimaginable. Here you can find a field report. The 40 days carry a lot of wisdom and strength, because the number 40 has always appeared historically, and scientifically, it has been found that our human system adapts itself to new things and situations after 40 days. What are 40 days in view of a lifetime? And even if the 40 days for you are not realistic (for whatever reason), you might want to consider how long you can consciously "allow" yourself to stay in the "nest". To have clarity about this and to plan is also an important step here.

In our western world, we are usually back "on our feet" again much too quickly. As we know from experience, many problems can result. A well-prepared for „childbed“ period and an intention of how your baby may "arrive" and how you find yourself as a mother, are very helpful and should be part of your birth plan. The start into life in this world is stored in us forever and even affects the life of further generations. We can plan it as best as possible! If the first contact after the time in the warm amniotic fluid is lovingly, calmly and adapted to the needs of mother and child, the child will later also have confidence in this world. Trust is the basis for his/her future life.

Mandalia Birth helps you to set up the first few weeks for yourself, your child and your family as best as possible. There is quite an array of themes:

- Viewing and transforming emotions and anxieties  Baby Blues Link

- Processing the birth experience

- Defining and finding your role as a mother

- Reprogramming the family system

- Relieving and coping with physical ailments such as birth defects and breastfeeding

- Developing a birth plan

- Clarifying nutrition questions  Nutrition Link

If you are not sure what is appropriate for you, just give us a call or write us an email. We look forward to meeting you.