You're pregnant?

We are thrilled for you!

An exciting time is coming, in which you will change both physically and emotionally. Never in our life is the mind and body as open to change as in the time of pregnancy. A woman becomes a mother, a new person and with it comes the greatest transformation that we are allowed to experience as a woman.

Together with all the feelings of joy, love and happiness, there is of course the other side as well - worries, sadness, fear and many other emotions which can all emerge in this sensitive time. They too are part of pregnancy and carry the potential for further development, healing and dissolution of old patterns and beliefs.

Maybe that's why our body and mind are so open and sensitive, allowing us to be mindful of ourselves, listen, recognize and perceive our opportunity to be optimally prepared, confident and powerful in beginning our new role as a mother.

Mandalia Birth supports you with courses and individual coaching on all themes related to pregnancy, birth and parenting. We look forward to meeting you and wish you a wonderful time with your baby under your heart.

The female being has been chosen by the creator to be the portal between the spiritual realm and this physical realm. The only force powerful enough to navigate unborn spirits onto this planet. So tell me why do we not treat her as such?  - Author Unknown