Morning Sickness

In all the films, it is the classic first sign of pregnancy: morning sickness! Nausea during pregnancy!

Approximately 80% of all pregnant women get acquainted with „morning sickness“. While a few women have nausea in the morning, it can actually occur at any time of day, with about 25% having to vomit. The so-called hypernemesis gravidarum, as conventional medicine calls it, is a severe form of pregnancy sickness with 5 to over 20 attacks of vomiting per day. Often a hospital stay is necessary here to compensate for the fluid and electrolyte loss by infusion. Morning sickness is experienced differently by each woman - one gets along well, while the other hardly manages to leave the apartment.

Conventional medicine is still just at the beginning of its research, and while there are many drugs and remedies on the market, there are few that actually work well in many women. At the same time, pregnancy is a sensitive time in which medications should be avoided as much as possible. However, it is clear that nausea due to nutrient deficiency, stress, anxiety and worrying thoughts can occur or be aggravated especially in these early months.

Change on several levels

Pregnancy, though much desired, is a major change on all levels: mental, physical, spiritual, and systemic. Your body suddenly becomes a home and allows a human being to grow in 9 months, and a family simultaneously emerges. So it's completely normal that we perhaps don’t solely feel wonderful and maybe unconsciously also have many questions. Many doctors explain nausea by the increase in HCG hormone that form in the first few weeks and signals: "Something’s happening here ..., please start building the house and create the best possible care!" At the same time there are women who do not have this nausea at all. So where is the difference and has nature really designed us to hang over the toilet for the first three months or more?

Indications of the body

As systemic people, we at Mandalia assume that both psyche and body want to give hints here. We may need a little longer on one of these levels to fully embrace pregnancy and that’s fine and perfectly normal. Surprising in this context is that most women officially announce the pregnancy after the third month and also according to law, after three months you may no longer have an abortion. Is it a coincidence that nausea goes back statistically drastically after this time and disappears completely in most women, often to the day?

And even if the hormones should be responsible, we’ve known for a long time that our brain causes the release of these hormones. This highly sensitive marvel of our body is very sensitive to stress, e.g. stress from the outside: from a partner who does not react to the pregnancy as we had imagined; from our parents who now look forward to having the baby solo and have signed up for two weeks directly; from the boss who had so many plans for you - and of course the emotions that we generate in the form of thoughts: Me as a mother? Can I even do that? What do I have to expect? Will I be up to it all?

Will I be able to grow into my role as a mother?

And here there is space behind all these hypotheses, thoughts, research, advice, and fears- and that's the place where, as a mother, you can create peace, confidence, and strength with your baby still in your belly. We look forward to finding this exact space together with you. What do you need for the morning sickness to pass?

The greatest successes we have achieved are through hypnosis, techniques from the enormous treasure of Kundalini Yoga (which acts directly on the glandular and nervous system) and wingwave®, but we also individually examine here what is suitable for you. Since we know that some women are barely able to leave the house, we also do house and hospital visits in acute cases.

For further questions or appointments just call us or send us an email. We wish for you to feel better very soon and look forward to accompanying you on the way to experiencing your pregnancy as it should be: full of anticipation, healthy, happy and centred.

"You never understand life until it grows inside of you."- Sandra C. Kassis