Wish to have a child

The desire for a child usually arises at some point in the life of every woman, whether as a first thought, as a great longing or already in planning form. The second or third pregnancy often brings similar thoughts with it. For some women, the desire to have children remains unfulfilled even after many attempts, which can often be associated with great sadness and search for meaning.

Since the beginning of human history, women have become mothers; it is the most natural process and at the same time a massive change, maybe even the biggest one. Our ancestors too, were aware of the peculiarity of this transformation from woman to mother and there were special rituals: for fertility, for maternal and child health, for a clear transition to motherhood and also for birth. The women were always supported by the "tribe" of the family, the other women, mothers, aunts, grandmothers. So much knowledge was passed on and women were prepared for their new role as mother. If a woman could not give birth to children, there were also rituals, special herbs and of course women who stood by her side and children who were like her own.

Unfortunately, it is a bit different nowadays in the Western world; mostly we have to find our way around our new role as a mother, "learning by doing" is the motto here. Maybe someday we'll have to deal with never becoming the mother of a physical child. Many, many things we have often learned to deal with alone.

Mandalia Birth wants to support you as a woman on your path and to build on the knowledge and the community of former times.

"Prayer is not asking, it is a longing of the soul." - Mahatma Gandhi