Becoming a mother

Becoming a mother - the desire for a child appears in the life of almost every woman. Some women are intensively busy with the idea of having a baby.

Is this the right time?

Am I with the right partner?

How will my life change?

For some women it is very clear: "I would like to have a child now and become a mother!" Some women become pregnant in the first cycle, others after years, and others may even have to say goodbye forever to becoming the mother of a biological child in this life, out of free will or through medical indications.

Most women get pregnant without medical help, and on the other hand, there are more women in the western world every year who can no longer conceive naturally. There are also different hypotheses for this: nutrition, environmental pollution, lack of nutrients, stress ...

For example, stress can also run on subconscious levels, as we look at the news of the state of the world and its many challenges, or ask ourselves how we can ever work with a child, or if the relationship is right ... On an emotional level, we carry a lot, our family system (over several generations), our partnership, our job ...

Perhaps these different factors can play a role if our body as an intelligent system does not (yet) "agree" with a pregnancy. From scientific knowledge we know that mind and body influence each other. Our work confirms this too - sometimes something more than medical treatment is needed.

Topics of our work at Mandalia Birth include:

  • Planning and thinking of a pregnancy: Can I even become a mother? How do I do that with my job? Am I up to the task? ...
  • Women who are pregnant and who want to focus more on the subject of being a mother, who may sense blockages and want to grow freely and clearly into the new role
  • prior to the start of IVF and ICSI and / or transfer to minimize side effects of the hormones and to optimally prepare the body and mind for the upcoming time and possible pregnancy
  • Women who could not become pregnant before and / or e.g. have nidation difficulties after ICSI or miscarriage
  • Women who, after several medical attempts, no longer know whether they want to continue or whether or how "closure" can be found
  • Women who have already decided not to have a child and who want support to deal with it better
  • Women who have experienced abuse and who consider pregnancy, birth and / or motherhood as a challenge

We look forward to getting to know you and accompanying you on your journey as a woman and mother! If you are unsure what is right for you, call us or send us an e-mail, we'll be happy to help.