Becoming pregnant

Having the intention to have a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences - it is a commitment to yourself and your partner. Whenever we hear women and girlfriends expressing that intention, there is that sparkle, a mixture of joyful excitement and respect for what this decision might bring.

Most women get pregnant without medical help. However, year by year, more women are becoming unable to fall pregnant naturally in the Western world.

There are several hypotheses for this: nutrition, pollution, nutrient deficiency, stress ... stress that can also run on subconscious levels when we look at the news of the world and its many challenges or wonder how we can ever work again with a child or if the relationship is right ... On the emotional level we carry a lot, from our family system (over several generations), our partnership, our job ... Maybe these different factors can play a role if our body is here as an intelligent system (yet) does not "agree" with a pregnancy.

From scientific knowledge we know that mind and body influence each other. Our work confirms this as well; sometimes it takes more than a medical treatment.

Topics of our work at Mandalia Birth include:

  • Planning and thinking of a pregnancy: Can I even be a mother? How can I do that with my job? Am I up to the task? ...
  • Women who are pregnant and who want to focus more on the subject of being a mother, may feel blockages and want to grow freely and clearly into the new role
  • prior to the start of IVF and ICSI and / or transfer to minimize side effects of the hormones and to optimally prepare the body and mind for the upcoming time and possible pregnancy.
  • Women who could not become pregnant before and / or e.g. had nidation difficulties after ICSI or miscarriage
  • Women who, after several medical attempts, no longer know whether they want to continue or whether or how "closure" can be found
  • Once the decision is made, many women ask questions such as: is this the right time? What else do I need for this new phase of my life? Am I healthy enough?

Especially in recent years, these questions are increasing. Maybe it's because our world is increasingly threatened with falling apart. Instinctively we seem to feel that our children and grandchildren have to make up for much that other generations have missed. To be prepared, the "new" kids need a perfect start right from the start.

In the Indian tradition it is e.g. quite normal to “contact” one’s child before pregnancy. Which little human soul would you like to invite? How do you imagine a life with him/her? What do you yourself have to offer? Some mothers report having dreams of their children before they became pregnant, but beyond soul communication and regardless of whether one believes in it or not, it can be very helpful to create the ideal conditions for a pregnancy. The fact is that a healthy body and mind is the ideal home for a new human - if the mother is well, the baby is probably well.

How do I create the best conditions for pregnancy?

We believe that you can prepare for your child on several levels.

physically: through nutrition, exercise, sports etc.

psychologically: by gathering a lot of information about pregnancy, birth and parenthood to gain as much knowledge as possible and necessary, which gives you the opportunity to make conscious and self-determined decisions, as well as to work on your own themes that may still affect or block you.

spiritually: that can be yoga or meditation, a visit to the church, a prayer or even a conscious walk in nature - everything that fits your understanding of values ​​and beliefs

connected with the earth: consciously connected with nature

We are holistic beings and everything interacts - mental, biological and spiritual influence each other. The harmony of these areas is of great necessity to get pregnant, to stay pregnant and to bring to the world children who can live healthily, happily and at peace.

 Not pregnant again! The baby is making you wait ....

It often happens that it does not work out exactly when you have finally decided to get pregnant. Often many attempts are started, the right moments are waited for and there is much speculation about why it still has not worked out. Conventional medicine speaks of two years of "normal trial" until you should seek medical help. Some gynecologists, however, are already faster to prescribe hormones or to advise artificial insemination. In modern times as a modern woman we are used to getting what we "planned" relatively quickly, in our practice we often hear: "... but I did everything right and we are trying, so why doesn’t it work out? "The cycle of worry, disappointment and hope repeats itself. The feeling of having failed, not feeling right, and the desire for it to finally come to fruition can be so acute that soon it's all about pregnancy - quarrels in the partnership are mounting and social contacts and friendships can decrease.

The path to the doctor is then usually the next step and should it turn out that an artificial insemination - for various reasons - is the only way to a pregnancy, often a long journey with highs and lows more or less begins...

Receiving a baby is a miracle, and it will always be and therefore medicine does not always have an answer to everything. We can do a lot to make it work - and at the same time it will always be a part of "miracles".

From our experience, we know that blockages, obstructive beliefs, an unenlightened family system, a discordant relationship with the nonexistent child, spiritual ties, unconscious insecurities in the partnership, pressure to succeed, discordant expectations or lack of nutrients, and much, much more, can be some of the causes or triggers.

Mandalia Birth offers you a way to become pregnant and be pregnant, focusing on how unconscious blocks can be resolved and how old patterns can change so that you as a woman can feel strong, free and secure, to make pregnancy and childbirth as healthy, happy and conscious as possible.

Together, we can decide which approach or method will be the best for you, on your way to becoming pregnant and being pregnant.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother."
- Lin Yutang